The Results! Impact Assessment by NGO Demonstrates Benefits of Greenway Smart Stove

The Kopernik Technology Marketplace, a third-party NGO, has released the final results of its detailed impact assessment of the Greenway Smart Stove. These results indicate that the stoves were successfully integrated into the daily routines of consumers, drastically reducing fuel use and time spent collecting wood and cooking. When using traditional stoves, about 80% of respondents spent an hour or more on wood collection -- with 65% of respondents needing over 2 hours to collect their wood. After the introduction of the Greenway Smart Stoves? The numbers reversed; 65% spent under an hour collecting wood.

Consumers also reported decreased time spent cooking the food itself, with the percentage spending an hour or more on cooking decreasing from 43% to 0%. In addition, survey participants used the stove very often, with over 70% reporting that they used it everyday. Overall, consumers were very happy with the product; 74% reported satisfaction in their experience with the Greenway Smart Stove. More about the impact assessment, which was prepared by Kopernik in partnership with local NGOs and conducted in three villages in rural Madhya Pradesh, can be found here.