Greenway Smart Stove

The Greenway Smart Stove is a single burner, high-efficiency cookstove designed for everyday domestic use with solid biomass fuels. The patent-pending design uses 65% less fuel and produces 80% less smoke than traditional mud cookstoves, called "chulhas." The Greenway Smart Stove is the result of intensive co-creation efforts with women across 5 states to develop an easy to adapt to and high performance cooking device. It has been tested and certified for its performance by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India.

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The Greenway Smart Stove is ideally suited for biomass fuels, including wood, cow dung, agro-waste and more. According to the 2011 Indian Census, 66% of all Indians and nearly 86% of rural Indians rely on these types of fuel. The stove also enables front-loading of fuel, so users don't have to change their behavior - other than collecting less fuel.

The stove can be used for all kinds of cooking including baking and frying - such as roti, bhakri, rotla etc. The stove's air circulation system removes the need to blow air on the flames, thus reducing drudgery, making the fire easier to light and containing the flame for greater safety. 

Scale & Adoptability
The stove supports both large and small vessels and offers loading capacity and stability for loads up to 25 kgs. Its ergonomically assessed height and handles ensure comfort during cooking and offer easy portability. The intensive co-creation design process utilized to create the Greenway Smart Stove entailed a year-long journey of field research, prototype testing and consumer feedback. 

Social & Environmental Benefits
The Greenway Smart stove emits much less smoke, reducing Household Air Pollution (HAP) - a killer of half a million people in India every year. The stove uses less fuel, reducing the scope of deforestation. The Greenway Smart Stove more fully combusts the fuel it uses, therefore increasing thermal efficiency and releasing less harmful emissions of CO, CO2 and particulate matter. Black carbon is the second largest driven of global climate change and produces the most immediate warming effects on the planet. The Greenway Smart Stove greatly reduces the amount of black carbon that household cooking produces -- by the equivalent of two tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.

Carbon Credits
Usage of the Greenway Smart Stove as a replacment of traditional mud stoves can save over 1600 Kgs of wood and mitigate over 2 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions per stove per annum.  The stove is currently participating in India's first Programme of Activities CDM on carbon financed dissemination of modern cookstoves.