Greenway Grameen Infra aims to develop and deploy technological solutions that create value for society at large. We hope to provide high immediate impact on the daily life of our consumers, one that builds upon itself to usher in longer-term, more sustainable changes to ecology and society.

Traditional stove cooking is known to cause over 2 million premature deaths annually due to the effects of indoor air pollution.  The use of these stoves is also one of the most significant contributors to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and the release of black carbon.
Some of the direct impacts of these stoves are illustrated below:

The smartly engineered Greenway Smart Stove:
  • Saves 65% fuel & consequent fuel collection effort and deforestation impacts
  • Encloses the flame in a stainless steel chamber for safe cooking
  • Mitigates over 2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per annum
  • Quickly lights up and automatically pulls in air - no need for toxic combustibles & blowing air
  •  Reduces exposure to indoor air pollution & PM emissions by 80%

Reporting: We report our impact performance in accordance with the IRIS Framework (